Tourism Masterplanning


Based on profound supply and demand analyses, IPK International develops tourism master plans on a regional and national level as well as master plans for tourism resorts.

Tourism Masterplanning and Resort Planning include in a first step the following services:

  • Conduction of an offer/supply analysis
  • Conduction of a demand analysis
  • Conduction of a competitor/benchmark analysis
  • Analysis of the legal framework/tax regulation etc.

Based on these analyses, the master plan will be designed as follows:

  • Elaboration of a vision and strategy for the future tourism development
  • Determination of the tourism development areas/locations (Land-use plan)
  • Determination of all relevant projects and services for the relevant tourism areas including:
    • Estimation of the number of visitors/visitor forecast
    • Type and character of the tourism/holiday products that need to be established
    • Type and category of accommodations
    • Bed capacity of accommodations
    • Definition of other tourism products such as gastronomic offer/leisure/sports/entertainment/retail and other service offers
  • Architectural master planning/guidelines for architectural designs
  • Determination of infrastructure needs/investment program regarding infrastructure (incl. accessibility of the tourism destination)
  • Calculation of the financial investments (private and public) and financial plan
  • Marketing & Sales concepts

When a plan comes to the implementation phase, IPK International offers continuous support at any step of the project to optimize budgets and timings. We help develop structured plans that lay out milestones in the implementation process.

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