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Tourism Marketing

Strategical and operational tourism marketing is part of our core business. As a tourism consultancy, we develop marketing strategies, marketing plans, tourism forecasts and business development concepts on a regional, national and international level. Our tourism marketing studies are based on qualitative and/or quantitative market research.
Thus, IPK International is working evidence-oriented when it comes to the developments of marketing strategies.
Starting from empirically derived data, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks for the destination will be identified. Combined with IPK’s international tourism marketing expertise, a future oriented marketing strategy will be developed, including the following topics (among others):

  • Development of basic marketing guidelines
  • Defining marketing objectives/forecasts
  • Identification of new business/market opportunities
  • Selection of priority markets/defining core markets
  • Development of competitive market strategies, expansion/penetration strategies
  • Competitive Image Positioning of the destination (image strategy)
  • Development of a branding strategy and identification of the brand elements
  • Recommendations for the offer/product development (product strategy)
  • Recommendations for product/package design for the priority products (e.g. for city trips, stopovers, tour holidays, sun & beach, MICE, etc.)
  • Quality improvement programs
  • Strategies and measures for sustainable tourism development
  • Price strategy/price positioning
  • Recommendations for sales/booking channels (distribution strategy)
  • Communication strategy/advertising & promotion measures
  • Identification of future target groups/defining the core groups (target group strategy)
  • Recommendations for marketing budgets / distribution of the marketing budgets
  • Criteria for establishing tourist offices in international markets (DMOs) and which tasks such tourist offices should cover in the future.

Based on this marketing strategy, as a next step action plans for each priority market could be developed.
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